Wet Pressure washers leave behind a bio-hazard. Once people come in contact with water and dirt, the risk of a whole host of infections, such as E. Coli and Salmonella, is high.

The clean-up time spent on cleaning this type of equipment is outrageous. After a job is done, it’s usually safe to use again, but if it was in bad shape beforehand, you’re looking at hours of washing after the job is completed.

A pressure Washer is a smart device that connects to your existing filtration system and allows service technicians to use your pressure washer whenever needed. Giraffetools pressure Washers give you multiple rights to use their antibacterial technology to keep your tools clean and sanitized after use by spraying them off and rinsing off residue.

100-ft braided steel hose

With the Giraffe Pressure Washer, you can clean and scrub your vehicle, house, deck, or concrete without any problem. It’s a very powerful tool with an easy-grip handle. It is a 100-foot braided steel hose that avoids tangling as well. When using this product, you can also get a better grip.

The Giraffetools 100-ft. Braided Steel Hose is a high-quality yet affordable extension cord with tough PVC outer sheathing and is built with spiral-wrapped PVC inner wire to ensure long life. This 100-ft. hose works well with most medium-duty pressure washers and provides excellent service time.

It provides a 100-foot braided steel hose to quickly and easily connect your pressure washer to a water source, minimizing the time between your spray and wash. This durable hose combines the strength of steel with its flexibility to deliver a smooth, leak-free connection every time you connect.

Efficient cleaning on a wide range of surfaces

Let us practically educate you about the PRO pressure washer suitable for cleaning your concrete, wood, stucco, and vinyl siding to prepare it for painting or sealing. The Giraffetools Pressure Washer is a complete kit for professional cleaning, made of top-quality products that are easy to use and contain everything a contractor will need.

This multi-talent pressure washer works on pavement and natural surfaces thanks to its stainless steel nozzle featuring special microchips for the most efficient flow. A glance at the accessories guaranteed by Giraffetool’s washer allows you to function it in any conditions – leave them as they are or put them into operation with a wide range of compatible accessories.

A pressure washer works by shooting powerful water jets at the surface you’re cleaning, removing stains, and making your surfaces look amazing without breaking the bank.

Powerful to use, lightweight and easy-to-move

Lightweight and easy-to-move, this pressure washer is ready to roll whenever you are. A powerful induction motor that generates high water pressure and provides long life makes quick work of cleaning projects on decks, driveways, or sidewalks.

The power washer is lightweight, easy to move, and provides great power. With its cleaning performance, you’ll cut your outdoor cleaning time by nearly half compared with standard nozzle pressure washers.

The most important feature is that the handle can be changed to three different positions, making this pressure washer super versatile. It also has many different nozzles that allow you to get the perfect spray for any outdoor project.


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