Bean bag bed are an amazing piece of furniture that can be used for various purposes. These chairs are available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. The bean bag bed is designed in such a way that it looks like a bean with its soft and comfortable appearance. These chairs come with many benefits that make them more attractive than any other type of chair available in the market today.

Generally, a bean bag bed is a great way to add some comfort and style to your living room or bedroom. They come in many different shapes and sizes, with different filling materials and fabric options.

Here’s what you need to know about the most common types of bean bag bed filling:

Polystyrene Beads (Styrofoam)

This type of bean bag bed filling is made from polystyrene beads. These beads are softer than polypropylene pellets, but they are not as durable as shredded foam. Polystyrene beads can be recycled after use, although it can be difficult to remove them all from your fabric coverings. If you want an environmentally friendly option for your bean bag bed, this material is a good choice.

Polypropylene Pellets

This type of bean bag bed filling is made from polypropylene pellets that are lighter than polystyrene beads but still durable enough for everyday use. These pellets are also easy to clean and recycle when you’re ready for a new cover or other upgrades. They tend to be more expensive than other types of filler material, but they can last longer too!

Shredded Foam

Shredded foam is another material commonly found in bean bag bed. It is made from recycled material that has been shredded into small pieces and then repackaged as filler for furniture cushions and other products. The shredded foam used in these products is typically made from materials like old car seats, old mattresses and pillows. This type of filling is generally much cheaper than polypropylene pellets but not quite as durable or easy to clean due to the nature of the material being used as filler inside your chair.


Cotton is an excellent filling for bean bags because it’s durable, breathable and easy to clean — just toss it in the washing machine on gentle cycle with warm water. It’s not as soft as wool or polyfill but if you’re looking for something that won’t make noise while sitting on it, choose cotton over other fillings.

Natural Latex

This material is ideal for those who want to keep their furniture looking modern but still want the comfort that comes from natural products like cotton or wool. Natural latex is made out of sap from trees and plants which makes it very environmentally friendly and sustainable.


The filling of bean bag bed takes a backseat to the outer materials, but having high quality material does mean more than having luxurious looking fabric. …By ensuring that your bean bag has good quality material and fill, you will ensure that you get the most comfort out of your bean bag bed, and get to enjoy it for longer.


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