Over time, the practice of cleaning regularly has evolved to become a habit that is easier for almost everyone to adopt now due to the ease technology has brought to cleaning procedures through the invention of cleaning tools and machines. With the aid of these machines, you can easily clean off dirt and tough stains without any stress at all.

A worthy example of this cleaning equipment is a pressure washer. This fantastic cleaning machine makes use of a spray jet of highly pressurized water to blast off tough stains and dirt away from surfaces. It is commonly used in cleaning house exteriors, fences, sidewalks, grills, vehicles, and many more. Two kinds of pressure washers exist; Gas & Electric pressure washers, and they are both super easy to make use of. However, there are some mistakes you should never make while using this machine to prevent yourself from injuries and your machine from being damaged. That’s why in this article, we will be discussing some of these mistakes and how to steer clear of them altogether.

Mistakes You Should Never Make

  • Do Not Pressure Wash Without Protection: As easy as pressure washing may seem, it is essential to be aware that it is also dangerous, and you can’t afford to use it without putting on the proper gear. Wearing t-shirts and shorts while pressure washing should never be considered. Long clothes, waterproof trousers, boots, gloves should always be put on not only to protect you from being wet but also to reduce the risk of electrical shock and mechanical injury to your skin while cleaning.
  • Application Of High Pressure:While using the pressure washer, many individuals start with very high pressure, probably because the dirt looks tough. Eventually, they lose control of the washer and cause serious injury to them and great damage to the surface they were trying to clean. No matter how tough or soft a stain or dirt may look, you must start with the lowest amount of pressure and rise up the level when you feel it is necessary to control the washer during its usage completely. Especially if you are a car washer, you should learn how to regulate the pressure to not apply too much pressure on sensitive areas like the glass windows to prevent damage.
  • Never Fail To Look Out For Potential Hazards While Pressure Washing:Before cleaning with the pressure washer, you should always lookout for any potential hazards that can occur while cleaning. These hazards mainly include mechanical and electrical hazards. This implies that you should always put safety measures in place while cleaning. You must watch out for slippery surfaces where you could trip and fall. You should also make sure the wires of your electric pressure washer are well-insulated to prevent shock.
  • Refrain From Using Gas-Powered Pressure Washer In Closed Spaces: Gas-powered engines like the pressure washer produces a lot of carbon monoxide (CO), which, when concentrated and inhaled, form a stable compound (carboxyhemoglobin) in our system and makes it impossible for an individual to breath. The only way this gas doesn’t build up is because it is always diluted by air. Using a gas-powered pressure washer in a closed space encourages the build-up of the deadly CO. This implies that a gas pressure washer should never be used in a closed space, windows down or up. It is advisable to either use the electric washer or opt for another cleaning tool.


Pressure washing is no doubt an easier way of getting the cleaning done. However, it is vital to look out for simple mistakes and avoid them while using them to save yourself from injuries and unnecessary damages.


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