A pressure washer with or without a Grandfall Pump is an excellent addition to your home. You wouldn’t have to stress yourself over any big or small cleaning job. The pressure washer saves you a lot of time while cleaning and ensures your cleaning process is an effective one. A pressure washer may be your dream equipment, and at the same time, it may become your worst nightmare. The pressure washer works. Using pressure to clean any surface of any dirt. Sometimes, this pressure may become too much, and it may begin to damage the surface you’re trying to clean.

With a pressure washer, you have to understand how it works, so you don’t damage the surface. However, you won’t want a situation where you’re underusing a pressure washer below its capacity. As a beginner in pressure washing, it’s normal to make mistakes and not understand what to do at one point or the other. It’s only a sign that it’s your first time and you’re not using the proper guidelines to use your pressure washer. The only way to avoid making mistakes while pressure washing is to identify them and avoid them in the future. In this guide, we’ll be describing some of the common mistakes made by beginners while pressure washing. After that, we’ll also explain the diverse types of solutions to the mistake during pressure washing.

Pressure washing with only water

You can’t use a pressure washer if there’s no water in sight. A pressure washer relies on the water source to receive water before it pumps it, adding pressure and releasing it through the nozzle. While the pressured water is enough to clean some surfaces, cleaning your surface with only water is a big mistake. When there is dirt as tiny as dust, you need to add a bit of cleanser to the surface. Already, pressure washers have a compartment for soap and detergent. These pressure washers usually support a specific type of cleanser. If you don’t have such pressure washers, you can add the detergent manually.

Using a wrong pressure washer setting

The setting of your pressure washer is another important factor in using the machine. Depending on what you’re washing, your settings need to be at their optimal level. For instance, if you want to wash a vehicle, it has some fragile parts. Therefore, you can’t set the pressure washer at the highest at the initial stages. Also, if you want to pressure wash a hard surface like concrete or asphalt, you need to have the highest pressure setting.

Using a wrong pressure washer nozzle

Wrong pressure nozzles are probably the most common mistake associated with pressure washing. Pressure Washer nozzles have different colors indicating their respective degrees. These different pressure washers nozzles have the type of surfaces they’re designed for. Using the wrong nozzle for the wrong surface may lead to damage.


A lot of people just buy a pressure washer without understanding what to do. The result in most cases is pressure washing without safety in mind, having a wrong pressure washing sequence, and choosing the wrong type of pressure washer. These can lead to severe injuries and loss of money and time.


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