When it comes to pod kit design, Suorin never disappoints. Their new release, Suorin Air Pro, will surely blow you off your feet. Make sure you check it to see how superb its looks. Air Pro is an upgraded version of Suorin Air.

It is much slimmer and has a higher battery and cartridge capacity. Let’s “check it out” and see what features make Suorin Air Pro the new kid on the block.

Suorin Air Pro Design

The Suorin Air Pro is constructed of Zinc Alloy, is very well built, and feels solid. It is very thin and resembles the size and shape of a credit card. It is light enough for you to carry it in your pockets.

Air Pro has a dual activation feature. You can vape by using the auto draw or fire button function. The dual activation is very responsive because of the onboard chipset. The chipset also ensures the safety aspects of the kit are maintained.

This is a big plus because there is no chance that the device will auto-fire when in your pocket. It also vibrates when turned on and off, which is great for someone with poor vision.

Suorin Air Pro is smooth on the front and back, with no buttons or controls on either side. You will see a Suorin logo

on one side and a “Suorin Air Pro” branding on the other. A tiny tri-color LED light in the fire button indicates the battery status and illuminates when charging.

It comes in 17 different designs and colors, so you can’t miss your preferred taste. Instead of adjustable airflow, it relies on two pins holes on each side, providing an ideal airflow.

Battery and Charging

The Suorin Air Pro has a larger battery capacity than the previous versions. An internal 930mAh battery powers it; this is big enough to take you through the day.

Charging is done using a micro USB cable and takes approximately 45 mins to charge. Once the battery level is below 10%, the LED indicator will turn red and start flashing thrice. You will not be able to vape once it flashes three times until you recharge the battery.

Air Pro can also be charged by connecting a magnetic dock (bought separately) in some connections provided at the bottom of the device.

Suorin Air Pro Pod

Suorin Air Pods have the largest E-liquid capacity compared to other pods. The pod has a 4.9ml capacity which is integrated with a 1.0-ohm mesh coil. The pod can have up to 6-refills, and once the coil fazes, it can’t be replaced.

Detailed cutouts prevent the pod from entering the wrong way, and it clicks and then vibrates once the connection is proper.

Filling a Suorin Air Pro Pod

You will remove the pod from the Air pro device to fill it with E-liquid. The pod is a bottom fill design with a black silicone rubber flap at the bottom covering the fill port opening.

After filling the pod, replace the black silicone rubber and re-insert the pod securely in the kit.

Take-Home: How Much Does Suorin Air Pro Cost?

Considering Suorin Air Pro’s performance, functionality, style, and build quality, a price of $25 is very pocket friendly. Use it for a few weeks, and you will gladly pay more if you need another one.


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