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Raymond aspires to be a journalist with the best news outlet in the world. He has a strong sense of morality, and wants to make sure that he reports on events in an unbiased way. Raymond is originally from Canada, but moved to the United States after completing his undergraduate degree. He is currently attending graduate school, and plans to complete his studies in 2020.


Why Pressure Washer Is So Efficient In Cleaning Wide Range Of Surfaces

Wet Pressure washers leave behind a bio-hazard. Once people come in contact with water and dirt, the risk of a whole host of infections,...

China, U.S. pledge to boost cooperation on native climate efforts

China and america have pledged to increase cooperation on native climate movement at U.N. talks in Glasgow, China’s native climate envoy mentioned Wednesday. Since the...

Biden to sign $1 trillion infrastructure bill on Monday

The White Area offered Wednesday that President Joe Biden will on Monday sign into regulation the largest federal investment in infrastructure in more than...

Xi says China is in a position to art work with U.S. on scenario...

BEIJING — Ahead of an expected virtual meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden, Chinese language language President Xi Jinping said the country is ready to art work...